Professional audio cloud syncing software developer, Splice, hired Crossley Acoustics to create a new creative studio hub for their new offices in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, New York.

Crossley Acoustics worked closely with Splice’s team to design and build an environment that would allow for a wide variety of uses. From the get-go, Splice expressed that they wanted an in-house studio space which could fulfill several roles. It needed to host celebrity guest producers and engineers, act as a production space to film educational and demo video content, and as a place to test out new audio equipment that their engineers program compatibility with. The studio also needed to double as a space for their multi-talented staff of sound designers, musicians, and producers to escape from their desks, turn things up, and create.

This project was truly taken from conception to completion by Crossley Acoustics. Starting with the design of the room in terms of its use, isolation, acoustic treatments, and finishes, Crossley Acoustics continued on to provided project management through the entire build-out, interior design services, lighting design, custom treatment fabrication and installation, studio furniture design and fabrication, system design, wiring, system build/install, and software configuration. The end result is an adaptable multi-purpose studio which meets the needs of all of Splice’s use cases.

Users of the studio find themselves in command of a simple and intuitive, yet powerful, system loaded with all the tools they need to create. A collection of synths and midi controllers can be swapped in and out of the system to allow for the trial of new equipment, or just to suit the needs of whoever is running the session. Custom video connectivity allows the room to quickly turn into a video production environment for creation of original educational content. A Philips Hue lighting array was installed to allow for an infinite number of lighting scenes and combinations, giving each person who uses the studio the ability to drastically adjust the vibe of the entire room to their liking.

Splice’s new studio exemplifies the wide range of services offered by Crossley Acoustics. We know it will act as a home for their creative endeavors for years to come.