Creative Media Design


CMD is a post production facility, specializing in voice-over recording. Located just north of the Empire State Building, their new office boasts two mix rooms, two VO booths, two private client offices, a lounge, and a full kitchen, all to help make their clients comfortable and productive.

Crossley Acoustics had the pleasure of working with CMD from initial concept through completion. We assisted in picking the right location for their move from Flatiron to Midtown. We designed the full facility floor plan, designing their studio rooms, audio-visual system, even their kitchen. We project managed the general construction. Our team wired the facility for audio, video, and networking, and site fabricated all of the acoustic treatments.

One of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of this project was designing around the skylight in Studio A. The room had to be designed in a manner where reflections off of the 150 square feet of glass would not interfere with the mix position. Additionally, the large window had to be isolated so environmental noise would not transmit. Although these challenges were great, everyone agreed that the benefits of having such a large source of natural light in the room was worth the effort and would make the client’s space all that much more unique.

This large and impressive modern facility will provide a creative environment for CMD for years to come.