Bronx Audio Studio 1


We’re thrilled to have been invited back by our friends at the Soho based Bronx Audio to create yet another post-production room within their facility. Crossley Acoustics was brought in to help conceive the new Studio One by providing the initial room design, floor plans, and furniture/equipment layouts before seeing the build and treatment portion of the project off to Orchard Design Group. The room is now home to the amazing mix engineer, Eric Hoffman.

The system design, wiring, and integration was all provided by Crossley Acoustics. The Mac Pro and AVID HD I/O converters are all located within Bronx’s central rack room. The system features a Genelec GLM 5.1 surround system with mirrored surrounds for the client seating area. A Dangerous Monitor ST and SR are used to control playback.

We also added quite a few cool features including wireless and foot controlled talkback, a remote client talkback microphone, the ability to use a laptop as a set of speakers, an HDMI audio embedder for TV audio monitoring, video conferencing in both the booth and control room, and a video game system hookup to the Genelec system.

This is a shining example of what a modern, efficient, audio post-production facility can be.