Acoustic Treatments

If you can dream it, we can build it. We have a state of the art woodworking and fabrication shop right here in Brooklyn, giving us ultimate control over creating anything imaginable. Any level of uniqueness you want in your project is achievable. So let your imagination run wild! There’s no reason to constrain your creativity.

Tech Shop

Some solutions aren’t found on a shelf. We fabricate all manner of cables, snakes, panels, custom circuits, widgets, and breakout boxes to get the exact functionality and finish you need.



Studio Furniture

With each piece of furniture we design, we begin by considering your equipment, workflow, ergonomics, and economies of motion to layout how that piece should function for your specific needs. Aesthetically, we believe that furniture plays a pivotal role in defining the personality of your room. From desks, to racks, to equipment storage, and even seating, we can design and fabricate any furniture custom fit for you and your space.