Crossley Acoustics is a multidisciplinary engineering and design firm located in Brooklyn, New York. We provide professional services to businesses and individuals in need of acoustical and technological solutions.



Engineering provides a means to turn your technical needs into a vehicle that drives your company forward. We make rooms quieter, better sounding, more versatile, and more connected, enhancing creativity through infrastructural design and implementation. Not every project takes the same road to completion, but figuring out how to get there is what we do best.


All great spaces begin somewhere in the mind. Whether it’s born as a sketch on a napkin or a dream of how you envision your company’s future, we take your idea and build upon it, blending form and function. Our rooms are an extension of our clients and the work done within them. You supply the inspiration and we foster it from concept to completion.


When the cookie cutter option doesn’t quite fit your needs, custom fabrication opens the doors to the endless possibilities of one of a kind solutions, tailor made for your project. Colors, textures, materials, finishes can all be selected to perfectly fit the look and feel of your brand or aesthetic. The only limits are our imaginations. So basically, the possibilities are endless. What can we make for you?


Tim Crossley

Founding member and lead designer, Tim combines his love of design, acoustics, and fabrication with the goal of creating lasting and beautiful spaces for audio professionals. Has he mentioned that marathon he’s training for? Don’t worry, he will.

Matt Schaefer

Partner and lead engineer, Matt has never lost a science fair. Proud father of a Siamese cat. Guitar lover. Dad joke enthusiast. Recently built a replica of Doc Brown’s time circuits and maybe invented time travel.

Eric Crossley

With a background in live sound engineering and a love for woodworking, Eric builds elegant spaces that sound as good as they look. The Helmholtz ports in his ears allow him to hear low frequencies with improved accuracy.

Adam Weiss

Adam studied microbiology before audio hijacked his life and sent him to New York to pursue music and engineering. His appreciation of precision and the scientific method threads through most aspects of his life.

Holly Francis

As company admin, Holly runs the show. She keeps us organized, tells us when we’re taking too many Übers, and makes sure materials and equipment make it to the job sites on time. Die-hard Gators fan. Regular attendee of DragonCon.

Audrey Lobdell

Engineer extraordinaire, Audrey is an extremely talented system designer and electronics whiz with a penchant for perfection. She can solder DB25s faster and better than the best of them. Bonus trait, tell her your birthday and she’ll read you your horoscope.

Tom Schaefer

Whether fabricating acoustic panels or wiring termination panels, Tom brings a level of passion and accuracy to everything he does. He moonlights as an amazing photographer. Rumored to have been raised by wolves, he’s surprisingly cuddly.

Ray DeSalvo

Local hero, Ray has quickly become our company renaissance man. Whether he’s designing electronics in our office, building custom treatments in our woodshop, or recapping your prized vintage gear, Ray brings quality, precision, and joy to all our clients.