We believe in the power of design driven solutions. Every finished project is a physical manifestation of our clients’ dreams that we’ve personally seen to fruition. We navigate the complex path from conception to completion through truly internalizing the unique needs of the individual project, then meticulously designing our way to actualization.


Ever changing, iterating, and improving, we strive to constantly look inward at everything we do. We are always searching for ways to better refine our processes. While a process may be a roadmap to help us get your project from zero to one efficiently, we adapt those steps to meet the individual challenges of the project at hand. It’s our ability to use structure as a framework in which the fluid nature of each project’s own creative requirements can have the freedom to grow and persistently move forward.


Our values are the guiding force in the way that we approach each client and project. They are on display in everything that we do and felt in the way that we do it.

  • Strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships built on integrity and trust with each and every one of our clients is strived for at all times. Our clients and their project partners are viewed as equally important collaborators with whom we aim to reach end results that exceed even lofty expectations.

  • Form and function are paramount and treated as equally important in everything that we produce. The passion that we have for our work shows in the meticulous attention to detail in what’s visible and what’s under the hood.

  • Engineering excellence is at the forefront of the way we approach design challenges. We view ourselves as problem solvers and project leaders. We stay current and up to date with the newest in technological advances within our field so that we can always offer the latest and greatest state of the art solutions.

  • Ownership over the finished product is something we bring to the table at every turn. We respect our clients’ time, vision, businesses, and budgets. We stay with our clients as an invested partner from project start to project finish.

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It all started when…

Our company was founded in 2011 when Tim and Matt, both professional freelancers, met while designing a recording studio and the systems within it, respectively. As projects continued to come their way, it became clear that each of their skill sets greatly complimented one another. Later that year, they joined forces.

Crossley Acoustics was formed from the start with the intention of creating world class facilities for audio professionals through cohesive services that aid our clients in all phases and disciplines required to complete their projects

We have since grown to employ a team of individuals with a wide variety of talents. Having completed over 650 different projects for a diverse group of incredible clients, our combined experiences have honed our expertise; elevating us to become an industry leader in our field. Today, our initial vision still stands as we continue to expand our offerings and the clientele we aim to service.